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Talkin' Yanks (Yankees Podcast)

Jun 30, 2019

The Yankees went to London and played a high octane version of baseball in which they beat the Sox two games in a row.

Jun 27, 2019

The Yankees swept the Blue Jays to finish off a great homestand. Stanton and Judge homered. Stanton got hurt. Chestor twirled another good start. Holder down. Clint doesn't get invited to London. DJ LeMahieu is a god damn machine.

Jun 26, 2019

We were joined by Katie Sharp to discuss the strides Gleyber has made at the plate, how good Chad Greens slider had been and the Yankees ability to come from behind this season.

Jun 25, 2019

The voicemail episode! We had a lot of fun calls today. Stanton in the field, trade targets, broadcast booths; the good and the bad. Other stuff as well that I cant remember because its super late. 

Jun 24, 2019

The Yankees won 3 out of 4 vs Houston. Judge returned. Maybin got hurt. Tanaka, Paxton, and Chestor gave us good starts. Happ was bad. We talked all about all of it.