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Talkin' Yanks (Yankees Podcast)

Apr 30, 2019

What happens when the healthy players start returning? Which Yankee wins the most money at a casino? Who loses the most? Should extra innings and/or replay system be changed? Kahnle and Voits success and strength of schedule.

Apr 29, 2019

Gio Urshela, Cameron Maybin, Thairo Estrada and all your other favorite Yankees get the job done in San Francisco and sweep the Giants. Time for burns and awards!

Apr 26, 2019

The Yankees won a game in extra innings. The had a 5-0 comeback and they lost a game in a stinker. We got a lot of injury updates and some new Sterling calls. 

Apr 23, 2019

Clint's cleats. Yankee group chats. How does a fully healthy outfield play out? We had Katie Sharp let us know the numbers behind Chads struggles and Clint's success as well as what we can expect with Gary returning behind the dish.

Apr 22, 2019

We had a bore of a game. We had a wet and sloppy win. We had a heartbreaking blowout and we had a walk off. There is A LOT to talk about right now and we did our best to cover it all.