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Talkin' Yanks (Yankees Podcast)

Nov 29, 2017

As the Manager Search drags on we talked about the important things. How sad is Rob Thomson? Who is the best fat Yankee at every position? Is Ohtani in an endless loop of watching film on himself to figure out how to hit his pitches and then how to pitch to his hitting?

Nov 19, 2017

The three things you would do to make the 2018 Yankees World Series Champ. With Cash interviewing everyone under the sun we decided to hold some ourselves.

Nov 16, 2017

We are officially moved onto the 2018 season! Manager search drags on. Whats the 2018 roster going to look at like? We talk Ohtani, CC, Castro, Clint, Torreyes and everything else. We arguably talked TOO much about the 2018 roster.

Nov 10, 2017

Now that we've had some time to digest it all we took a look back at the season and the roller coaster it was. From only having 3 starters in spring training to starting the season with Kozma on the roster to the thumbs down movement and everything in between. One last look at the 2017 season.

Nov 4, 2017

Masahiro Tanaka has decided to stay with the Yankees. Three more years of Masa for everyone! We love it!